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14 décembre 2010

The culture of New Zealand :

The culture of New Zealand is an assembly of the culture autochtons, The Maori for example make parties, they are autochtons Polynesian, they are 600000 today in New Zealand . They represent an important part of the culture and the history of the country.They brought has New Zealand two cultural facts which marks the country, as the haka today which is a tradicional dance and a famous tatoo.

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This dance became famous worldwide favor has the New Zealand team of rugby, the All Blacks. The first demonstration of the haka date of 1987. This dance traditionel occupies a very important place in the cultural life of neo-zélandais . It's a ritual dance of the Maori people interpreted on the occasion of ceremonies, of welcoming parties, or before leaving to the war.

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The history of tatoo :

Mostly the Maori tatoos recover all the head of the men and the chin of the women. They are very impressive, and are called "Moko" or "Ta Moko". Moko was reserved for the warriors and for the importantes personalities. The persons which had no Moko were considered without any social status.

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Witnessing of a New Zealander, its experience of the country, its feelings on the culture Maori, his experience with the haka :

We asked some questions has a New zélander which lives has Auckland to have more information on this country here is the e-mail which it sent back to us :

Hello to answer has your question I would say first of all that New zealande is a very warm country because of the mixture of the culture, it is a country or one not if troubles ever, there are landscapes very diversified according to regions ; as park of Western Springs, or the beach, Muriwai Beach or to take the Ferry, Waiheke Island.
Indeed I think that the Maori we marked the New Zealand with them customs, as with celebrate them haka (which is still incredible during match of all blacks today ).

Auckland city

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Presentation of a team of rugby of new zealande :

All blacks, represent the new zealande in main competition of the rugby has XV. This sport is very important for the New Zealande , it is the most popular sport of the country . The team of all black was made famous because of the world cup that they won in 1987 but especially because has their dance tradicionel the haka which symbolizes the rugby neo-zélandais today.

Video of the haka of All Blacks :

Schedule of the next weeks concerning all blacks:

Date :

No :

Pool :

Match details

Location :

Stadium :

Mon Dec 20



New zealand  v Tonga


Eden park

Wed Dec 29



South Africa v Japan


New chris

Thurs Jan 13



New zealand v Russia



Fri fev 25



Canada v Francia



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Your stay new zealand:

We propose you a stay new zealand for tendays would arrive at you first of all in the wonderful city of Auckland or you will stay three days, excursions shall be you propope spot as the visit of Auckland museum (culture Maori). Afterward you will go has roturoa, volcanic city situated she too on the north iles or you will stay three days. But you will go of first has Wellington to make a little shopping (you have the choice to sleep has Wellington or has roturoa). The 6ème days of your journey you will leave in the direction of queenstown, the iles of the South, which is the capital of the extreme sports could you practised: paragliding, glide, bungee jumping .You will stay three days and then it will be necessary brought in in France, because your circuit will be ended.
Information: this circuit is recommended during the period of the winter in France, because the seasons sound inverted.

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Pictures of New zealand :

Wellington :                                Rotorua :                                              queenstown :

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